Types of Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear  is generally used to lure aquatic animals to the shore or to trap them. It can be used for fishing in the ocean, rivers, lakes or inland waters. Some common types of gear include bobbers, lines, hooks, and baits.

Bobbers are devices that keep bait closer to the surface. They also indicate when fish have taken an interest in the bait. These devices are essential fishing gear.

Fishing gear includes both trawls and gillnets. Trawls are set behind a vessel and are typically used at night. Gillnets are vertical nets that are used to capture fish near the surface.

Net gear such as purse seine and trawls have a high rate of loss. Losses may be due to the high volume of catches or the heavy loads on the gear. The losses are also higher for longline than for other net gear.

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Fishing gear can also include encircling gear, such as trammel nets. Trammel nets can be anchored and towed by a boat, making them easy to monitor.

Gear efficiency refers to the ability to catch as many as possible while conserving fuel and other resources. Efficiency is also improved through the use of multi-rigs or by reducing gear drag.

Selectivity reflects the degree to which a gear can be used to target a species or population. Selectivity can be enhanced by changing the mesh panels or by using inclined grids.

Fishing gear regulations are important for stock management. The FAO has issued voluntary guidelines on marking fishing gear. In addition, the European Union has implemented a directive addressing waste management and plastic products.

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