The NBN 1000 Speed Tier

The NBN 1000 Speed Tier

While the NBN 1000 speed tier won’t help rural residents with NBN -1000 FTG streaming movies or video conferencing, it will give you a faster connection for most downloads. The higher the speed, the smoother your online experience will be. The NBN plan comes with several benefits, but it’s important to consider what you’ll do with your internet connection. If you’ll be streaming HD movies, you’ll need a high-speed connection.

FTTP or HFC connections are the only technology types for NBN 1000 plans. Currently, all FTTP connections are eligible, while 95% of HFC connections are eligible for a higher speed. However, NBN Co plans to upgrade two million Fibre to the Node (FTTN) connections to FTTP for free by 2023. And with that many households eligible for gigabit speeds, it should not be too long before everyone can enjoy a faster connection.

The NBN 1000 speed tier is only available to HFC connections. It boosts average download speeds to around 1GBps. It’s not enough to stream movies, but it is sufficient for most users. If you’re not interested in streaming videos, it might not be worth it. In contrast, if you’re a heavy web user, this speed tier might be perfect for you. You can call up Compare Broadband to get the best deal.

The NBN 1000 speeds vary by provider. Among the providers that offer NBN 1000 plans, Telstra, Vodafone, Superloop, and Aussie Broadband offer up to 50Mbps upload speeds. While 100Mbps is sufficient for the average user, a high-end Internet user will benefit more from a higher speed. Moreover, the super high speed option might be useful for those who regularly download large files or play video games.

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