Press Release Distribution Services and Their Importance

press release distribution company

A press release distribution company can offer a business immense benefits. These benefits are twofold in nature; first, they can help to accelerate the speed at which a business’ press release is distributed, and second, they can help a business to take advantage of their distribution network by providing their key features. There is a tremendous value placed on press releases and those that generate them must be written, refined and delivered with a heavy attention to content, format and timing. Press releases have the unique ability to grab attention, and when written properly they can do just that. When a press release is written, delivered and results in significant sales and leads, the advantages are immeasurable.


The first benefit to be derived from a press release distribution company is that the speed at which these pieces are distributed is vastly improved. Through the use of a professional press release distribution service, it is easy for a business to get all of the major media outlets to review their product or service and then be able to make the news of their new offerings live on the air, websites, and even in other prominent venues. In addition, some companies will also include their press releases in other newspapers and magazines that do not directly compete with their client. This can prove beneficial to a business because many of the other publications will run the press releases as advertising, which means a business can enjoy a premium placement in the same way that the larger businesses can. The use of multiple distribution services also ensures that each press release is given its own distinct branding.


The second key feature to consider when seeking the best press release distribution company is that the resulting work will include an author bio and byline. Many of the press releases distributed through online media outlets require that a business to provide contact information, a physical mailing address and sometimes an email address as well. These details must be provided so that interested parties will know enough about a company or individual to follow up on a request. If multiple distributors fail to meet these requirements, it may be necessary to find another online press release services, or at least request that the directories list companies that meet all of the aforementioned requirements. As a result, it is vital that a business makes sure that they get all of the press release services they need from the beginning, and that they find the best service for their particular purposes.

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