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When you enroll in a class, you have the option to Download Courses. This gives you access to course content for a year. You can download all course files or just the modules that you are taking. However, you must ensure that you do so before the course expires and access to the materials is blocked.

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The Download Courses will not be available anywhere else, but will be stored in the app’s internal storage. If the downloaded courses do not appear on your device, check that your app is updated. It is also important to use a stable connection to download the course data. This is especially important if you are downloading a community-created course with corrupt assets.

If you want to delete the downloaded content, go to the course’s main page. Tap the icon that says “Downloaded.” Then, tap the option to disable offline mode. Or, if you wish to remove a specific module, tap the “***” button. Then, you can delete all the downloaded data from the course.

Download Courses are not available for download in every course. In Moodle, you can enable this feature for specific course items site wide or in a single course. If the download feature is enabled, students will see a download button on the top right corner of the course. Clicking it will open a pop-up window with a link to a zipped file. This feature can be enabled by the administrator, course teachers, or course students.

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