Infrared Sauna For Immunity

A strong immune system can help you avoid illnesses, infections and other health problems. A weak immune system can be caused by several factors, including stress, lack of exercise or other fitness routines, malnutrition, lack of sleep and environmental toxins.

Who should not use a sauna?

Infrared sauna for immunity is a great way to improve your immunity and reduce the risk of illness during the cold and flu season. They increase your body’s production of white blood cells and bolster immunity with heat shock proteins, both of which boost your overall health by stimulating the immune system.

The increased white blood cell count stimulates the immune system’s ability to fight off illnesses and diseases before they get a chance to take hold in the body. These cells, often called nurse cells, are your body’s first line of defense against any foreign germs and bacteria that enter your system.

Another key immune-boosting benefit of far infrared saunas is that they stimulate your body’s production of heat shock proteins (HSPs) to reorganize and stabilize the matter inside your cells. HSPs work in partnership with T-cells to increase the body’s overall resiliency to illness and disease.

Cortisol reduction: A 2015 Finnish study found that a single session of sauna bathing with 3-4 cm of penetration into the tissue reduced cortisol levels in men who were recently exercising. This is because cortisol is a stress hormone that must be kept in check, which can trigger the release of other hormones and affect your overall health and immune system.

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