Neon Light Signs

In terms of appearance, neon light signs are electric signs lighted by long gas-discharge tubes. The use of neon lighting is most commonly found in advertising. The first commercial demonstration of the technology was presented at the 1910 Paris Motor Show by Georges Claude. Since then, it has become one of the most popular types of signage available. Here’s a quick history of neon. Read on to learn more about these incredible light signs.

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Neon Light Signs

A typical neon sign is made of two types of materials: the acrylic tube and the backing panel. Each tube is made of opal acrylic, which is a type of steel, and is finished with vinyl edging or blockout paint. The sign is energized by LEDs, which are semiconductors that produce light by a chemical reaction between a gas inside a glass tube. This process has many advantages and is ideal for businesses.

Large neon signs are constructed of several sections of glass tubing. The maximum length of each section is about 8-10 feet. Each section is then heated together and fused with electrodes at one end. Then, the tube is sealed, and a tubulation port is created at the other end. The electrodes are attached to a wire that passes through the closed end of the tube. A tube that has an open end is a tube that is inserted into a larger neon sign.

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