Tantra School Offers Four Modules Of Study To Starts A Spiritual Journey

The Somananda Tantra School has been established over sixty years ago in India. By uniting tantra and yoga, the students have sought to understand more about the spiritual traditions of ancient India. They offer an intensive basic training to initiate the seekers in the art of tantra. Through dedicated study and teaching, the adepts prepare students for initiation into the sacred tantra system, to help them go on a spiritual journey of discovery. This unique institution strives to teach tantra to a broader audience by developing its teaching methodology and setting higher standards of discipline.

Tantra School Offers Four Modules Of Study To Starts A Spiritual Journey Shortcuts – The Easy Way

By uniting tantra and yoga, the students are able to safely explore the powerful secrets of ancient Indian rituals. Tantra is concerned with the energy field that lies between our body and mind – known as the chakras. The secrets of these rituals can be unlocked through a systematic approach to learning, which includes the study of tantra rituals, the study of tantra philosophy, and an exploration of the tantra goddess and the associated tantra rituals. Through dedication to their teacher and an open mind, initiates learn to develop a heightened sense of self-awareness and self-empowerment. With regular practice of these rituals and with an evolving personal vision, students gradually achieve self-knowledge and power over their own bodies and minds. By delivering sacred knowledge in tantra, Yoga, and Meditation, the sanyasis of the tradition become accessible to people from all walks of life.

To conclude, Somananda tantra school offers four modules to initiate the student on the spiritual journey of life. These include: yoga precepts and injunctions, the meaning of yoga, the five sacred elements, yoga as a kingly path, and yoga as a yogic path. All the teachings of this tantra institute, together with an innovative approach to life, enable the aspirant to explore and unleash his or her true potential.

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