Aluminium Hand Rail

If you’re planning to buy an aluminium handrail for your house, office, or other commercial facility, careful thought should be given to its installation and even the aluminium handrail sections you’ll need for the job in advance. You’ll find the handrails at many home depots, home interior shops, or on the internet. Ask the shop assistant or salesperson for their advice. The number one rule of thumb is to plan ahead – it’s not enough to just set it up; you want to know what will be needed as well. This way you won’t end up spending more money than necessary or having to dismantle it later.

How to Work Aluminium Hand Rail?

aluminium handrail

Aluminium handrails come in various different colours and styles, and they can be quite ornate or fairly plain. Most handrails have either end caps, which are the vertical posts that run from top to bottom, or side caps, which are the horizontal posts that attach to the handrail. Side-mounted railings are also available. Some of the more intricate handrails have decorative scrollwork or cutouts; these may be decorative elements as well as functional elements of the hand railing system. The end caps and side caps can also vary, depending on what is needed to hold the handrail in place, such as decorative brackets attached to brackets.

If you’re buying a handrail from a store, ask the assistant whether the handrail you like has both the top and side caps already installed. If you don’t see this, ask if the store would be willing to take the time to make these parts available. Sometimes you can even choose handrail sections that are designed to work together with existing railings or walls. For example, you can get a baluster and wall return combination. When buying the aluminium handrail components, ensure that the materials are rust and weather-resistant, as well as being able to handle your weight. Check the nuts and bolts of any handrail parts for ease of installation, and double-check for accuracy.

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