Institute of new cosmology and the science of time

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

as the key to multidimensional existence

Boris Petrovic 2001-2008

So many words treated the human as an apparatus of divine will. God creates the universe by producing subtle energies in an act of divine will. This can be compared to the process wherein sparks are generated from a single source of fire. Divine or universal thought and will come into manifestation through the collective hosts of spiritual beings, who are the vehicles through which the unmanifested appears. Divine will is the ensouling creative essence of abstract, eternal motion throughout the kosmos. As an eternal principle it is neither spirit nor substance but everlasting ideation. In its abstract sense, it is a hierarchy of intelligent forces emanating from the aggregate of the hosts of beings, visible and invisible, which are nature itself. The so-called laws of nature are the action and interaction of the combined consciousnesses and wills which pervade the kosmos. The will pours forth in floods of light and life from the primal LOGOS. These floods, following the pathways of universal circulation, come to us from the central heart of the solar system.

The etheric body, ether-body, æther body, or vital body is one of the subtle bodies in esoteric philosophies. Aristotle's psyche threptikon (vegetative or nutritive soul) also bears comparison with the etheric body.

In Theosophy, the Prana principle is understood as the vital, life-sustaining force of living beings and the vital energy in all natural processes of the universe. Its first expounding came in the Upanishads, where it is part of the worldly, physical realm, sustaining the body and the mother of thought and thus also of the mind. Prana suffuses all living form but is not itself the Atma or individual soul.

The Astral body is also known as the Soul body, the Golden Wedding Garment, the Philosopher's Stone , spoken of in some of the ancient philosophies as the Diamond Soul ("for it is luminous, lustrous, and sparkling—a priceless gem"), and will eventually be evolved by humanity as a whole.

ANIMA MUNDI (Latin) is the world soul, a pure ethereal spirit, which was proclaimed by some ancient philosophers to be diffused throughout all nature. It was thought to animate all matter in the same sense in which the soul was thought to animate the human.

The philosopher Anaxagoras of Clazomenae, born about 500 BC, introduced a new factor, NOUS (mind), which arranged all other things in their proper order, started them in motion, and continues to control them. Plato tended to treat NOUS as the only immortal part of the soul.

So what is the Meeting Point of Heaven and Earth?
What is the mechanism described by sages as "on earth as it is in heaven"?

Nous in Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the eye of the soul. Just as the soul of man, is created by God, man's soul is intelligent and noetic. St Thalassios wrote that God created beings "with a capacity to receive the Spirit and to attain knowledge of Himself; He has brought into existence the senses and sensory perception to serve such beings". Eastern Orthodox Christians hold that God did this by creating mankind with intelligence and noetic faculties. Angels have intelligence and nous, whereas men have reason, nous and sensory perception. This follows the idea that man is a microcosm and an expression of the whole creation or macrocosmos; it is through the healed and corrected nous and the intelligence that man knows and experiences God.

Yet there are no answers to the science of the NOOSPHERE, NOUSPHERE collective, the science of the ANIMA MUNDI. The NOOSPHERE can be seen as the sphere of human thought being derived from a Greek word meaning mind in the style of atmosphere and biosphere . In the original theory of Vernadsky, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the Earth, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transforms the biosphere. In contrast to the conceptions of the Gaia theorists, or the promoters of cyberspace, Vernadsky's noosphere emerges at the point where humankind, through the mastery of nuclear processes, begins to create resources through the transmutation of elements.

The word is also sometimes used to refer to a transhuman consciousness emerging from the interactions of human minds. This is the view proposed by the theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin , who added that the noosphere is evolving towards an ever greater integration, culminating in the OMEGA POINT - which he saw as the ultimate goal of history.

Figure 1: Eye - Brain - Image mirror

AKASHA is the Sanskrit word meaning aether in both its elemental and mythological senses. In Hinduism Akasha means the basis and essence of all things, the source of everything that exists. One of the five great elements, its main characteristic is Shabda (sound). In Hindu mysticism this Akasha (in Hindi the meaning of Akash is sky) is thought to be the primary principle of nature from which the other four natural principles, fire, air, earth, and water, are created. These five principles also represent the five senses of the human being.

Psychologist Rupert Sheldrake describes AKASHA as the morphic resonance where human actions and thoughts create waves like the ripples on a pond, which then affects all of humanity. A well known modern day philosopher and systems theorist Ervin Laszlo points to the Akashic Field as a UNIVERSAL INFORMATION FIELD. In his recent book entitled “Science and the Akashic Field”, Laszlo states that the Akashic Field is a sea of information conveying the experience of all matter.

The Akashic Field is similar to a cosmic or collective consciousness. It has been referred to by different names including the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious, making clairvoyance and psychic perception possible.

Figure 2: The all seeing eye - Earth magnetosphere reconnection - Anima Mundi

The Eye of Providence or the all-seeing eye is a symbol showing an eye surrounded by rays of light, usually enclosed by a triangle. It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of God keeping watch on humankind. In theology, Divine Providence, or simply Providence, is the sovereignty, superintendence, or agency of God over events in people's lives and throughout history.

In its current form, the symbol first appeared in the west during the 17th & 18th centuries, but representations of an all-seeing eye can be traced back to Egyptian mythology and the Eye of Horus. However, it is first in Buddhism that the eye is associated with a triplicity. Buddha is also regularly referred to as the Eye of the World throughout Buddhist scriptures (Mahaparinibbana Sutta) and is represented as a trinity in the shape of a triangle known as the Tiratna or Triple Gem. 17th-century depictions of the Eye of Providence sometimes show it surrounded by clouds. The later addition of an enclosing triangle is usually seen as a more explicit trinitarian reference to the God of Christianity.

Figure 3: Earth soul to cosmos connection in magnetosphere reconnection

The biological foundation of the mind's eye is not fully understood. MRI studies have shown that the lateral geniculate nucleus and the V1 area of the visual cortex are activated during mental imagery tasks. As humans, we have the ability to see with the mind's eye - to have a perceptual experience in the absence of visual input. For example, PET scans have shown that when subjects, seated in a room, imagine they are at their front door starting to walk either to the left or right, activation begins in the visual association cortex, the parietal cortex, and the prefrontal cortex - all higher cognitive processing centers of the brain.

Brain's electromagnetic field is consciousness itself, thus causing the perception of a unitary location.

The dual polar nature of the human brain is a result of the dual polar nature of Earth’s magnetic field. The human aura in it’s function much relates to the Earth’s magnetosphere and Earth’ resonant frequencies. The human eye, and the function of human sight, through the process of photonic illumination, lens distortion, image creation in the macula, image inversion in the human brain result in perception of material reality.

The Earth’s magnetosphere and it’s connection to the Solar rays and the Solar wind has functional and symbolical similarity to the process of human vision. The Eye of the World is always looking at the Sun, as angels always have their faces turned to God. Indeed, the Earth’s magnetosphere is always pointed like an eye starring at the Sun.

A. L. Chizhevsky clearly imagined the phenomenological scheme of the cosmic influence upon the biosphere. Some processes of the cosmic space influence our environment by changing the parameters of factors which directly influence living organisms. Thesefactors are of electric nature. The electrical nature of the human brain and the fact that the resonant frequencies of the planet are in relation to the frequencies of human consciousness is by design related to the electrical universe through the spirit-matter transfer of the Anima Mundi.

We can say that all animate things are oscillators, which pulse and change their rhythms. The
etheric body in essence has an electromagnetic material base. Living beings are characterized by certain rhythmical schemes, subjected to physical death and experience of the reincarnated spirit, stored as holographic imprints in the UNIVERSAL INFORMATION FIELD.

Figure 4: Anima Mundi related to cosmos

Vernadsky outlines the two principal premises on which his life's work was based, culminating in his elaboration of concept of the NOOSPHERE. The first is the principle of Christiaan Huygens, that life exists throughout the universe and not simply here on Earth, a thesis which Huygens developed most succinctly in his 1698 book, Cosmotheoros. His second fundamental premise was based on the thesis of a 16th Century Florentine doctor, Francesco Redi, which said "All life comes from life."

The Earth's magnetic field acts as a cocoon for the spirit-matter transfer of the Anima Mundi. The Earth’s north and south magnetic poles are dual manifestations of the brain of Anima Mundi. The Earth as a collective being is open to the Solar wind with it's magnetic eye. The Solar wind is the blood of the Solar system collective being, and is the fuel to the functioning of Anima Mundi.

The Earth’s magnetosphere reconnection and it's perpetual inversion acts as a receiver of this soul-matter transfer. All embodied souls have passed through the gates of the heart of the Anima Mundi – Earth’s magnetic reconnection. Harmonic oscillation of the magnetic reconnection is the essence of Earth’s electromagnentic soul (macrocosmos) -human (microcosmos) relation, similar to the harmonics of the human HEART.
Essentially, the fundamental frequency and harmonics of the human heart are similar to the frequency and harmonics of the Earth's magnetosphere reconnection. The corresponding wavelength of the human heart frequency range corresponds to the Earth's magnetosphere tail region RECONNECTION X-LINE distance range of 23 to 40 Earth radii.

Figure 5: SOL-Earth KUNDALINI EM function

Free Energy for all Humans as GODS

All pervading electrical GOD circuit – Infinite Series of Tesla Coils

The SUN=Source
Magnetosphere Reconnection=Spark gap (heart-vibratory initiator-timer)
Van Allen Belt=Capacitor (storage)
Earth Field Lines, Lay Lines=Primary transmitters
Humans=Secondary coils

Human beings accumulate living energy at the root energy center, located at the base of spine. The KUNDALINI ASCENT is the energy transfer mechanism for the human etheric body. The three-part kundalini spinal flow of energy includes the most important vibratory centers of the human organism: the ROOT, the HEART and the DIAMOND MIND. The Sun as the vital energy source of Solar System planetary bodies acts as the root center in the energy transfer mechanism similar to human KUNDALINI. The three important vibratory centers acting as the Solar Logos kundalini ascent are the SUN (ROOT), the Earth's magnetosphere reconnection (HEART), and the bi-polar magnetic field acting as the DIAMOND MIND of the ANIMA MUNDI. The Solar wind is an energy transfer mechanism similar to the ascent of electrical impulses through the human spinal cord.

Figure 6: Cosmos as an infinite series of resonant LC circuits

The human perception of time is closely related to birth and death. Throughout ages, civilizations had struggled to explain reality through cycles of celestial bodies. Humans have created numerous calendars and calculate ages on religious basis still. The modern times are synchronized to the Gregorian, Julian or Jewish calendars put together by religious authority. Thus our perception of time is not just inherent in religion, but localized to the cycles of our planet, Sun and Moon motion and revolution. The obscured Solar calendar of ancient pagans surfaces as the modern Christian calendar in which celestial events are mystified in religious ceremonies not understood by the common man.

HRONOYA is a prophecy for the new mankind, opening the door to global understanding of the importance of time cycles consciousness, and the adoption of the new scientific thought on TIME – THE NEW SCIENCE OF TIME.

The continuity of TIME and SPACE is poorly understood. Measuring devices and technology, created and adopted to our sensory perception are further limiting mankind's ability to follow it's galactic purpose. In fact, scientific “progress” is actually pushing this understanding to a dead end. Human genetically inherited abilities to perceive eternity is being destroyed by focus on sensory fulfillment and synchronization of body cycles to destructive frequencies. The typical human work day is blinding consciousness and numbing the fine tuning of the brain, making it impossible for a common man to experience frequencies beyond local. The irrational exuberance and destructive consumption of resources had already written a new cycle of mankind. On the ruins of today a new human race will find a cosmic way.

HRONOYA is leading metaphysics to become new physics. Solution to slavery to unnatural cycles of living is understanding the fabric of time and it's relation to matter and space. The electromagnetic spectrum is perceived as SPACE and TIME is perceived as vibration in the electromagnetic spectrum. The perceived cosmos is electrical in nature. It constitutes an infinite series of resonant LC circuits (inductive/capacitive), where MASS is perceived as stored out of TIME (potential difference) owning it's existential frequency.

The key to understanding of this concept is shown to us as the mechanism of Earth's magnetic field-Earth's rotation and the Sun-Earth connection through the breath of the Solar wind. The soul of the world (Anima Mundi) perceives TIME through interaction of the Solar wind and the Earth's magnetic reconnection . This is the point of unity of the opposites in Earth's dipole magnetosphere. Thus the Earth's breathing of the Solar particles induces MASS in our planetary capacitor. HRONOYA is to unify electricity, magnetism and gravity in the point of magnetic reconnection of a MASS VEHICLE IN PERPETUAL ROTATION.

The HRONOYA prophecy describes the mechanism of TIME MIRRORING, an apparatus to function as a resonator of the Earth's magnetic reconnection (the Anima Mundi). TIME MIRRORS will be used by humans to create rifts in TIME/SPACE fabric. The TIME MIRRORS will change human perception of energy as consumption of time rather than mass.

Figure 7: Nikola Tesla

“The tower was destroyed two years ago but my projects are being developed and another one, improved in some features, will be constructed. . . . My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time, but the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.” — Nikola Tesla, 1919.

Tesla tested his Wardenclyffe transmitter at its full capacity on June 15, 1903. This night New York citizens witnessed the event, which was outstanding for future science. Glaringly bright strands of electrical plasma with the length of more then hundreds miles connected the spherical cupola of Wardenclyffe with the sky. The next day "New York Sun" wrote that people living near Tesla's laboratory at Long Island were interested very much in his experiments with wireless energy transmission. Last nights they were the witnesses of very strange phenomena, multicolored lightning made by Tesla himself, then inflammation of atmosphere layers at different altitudes and along the big territory. Night suddenly turned to day.

Wardenclyffe was used to perform oscillations of ionosphere. Since the difference of voltage between surface of the Earth and ionosphere constitutes about two billion volts, then the Tower is continually oscillating on upper and lower harmonics of oscillations of ionosphere up to full coincidence with it by phase (up to resonance) and can discharge it in the same way as usual electrical condensers are discharged.

Figure 8: Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower

Tesla’s goal was to build a prototype world-system communications facility. This was intended as the first of many wireless plants that would be located near major population centers around the world. If the program had moved forward without interruption, the Long Island prototype would have been followed by additional stations, the first being built somewhere along the southern coast of England.

When making experiments with ultra low and ultra high frequencies of electromagnetic waves, Tesla was obviously successful to determine the frequency and type of modulations, which is provided by fields of fine body of living people.

Nature of influence of music on a man is the same as the nature of its influence on the world of things and events, because vibration is the basis for all. Frequency of vibrations of subatomic particles is very high and waves in the center of subatomic nucleus move quicker. Vibrations of all radiant energies (radio waves, heat, light, etc.) could be regulated. Electromagnetic spectrum in such consideration contains more than 80 known octaves and visual light is only a part of this rank. Electromagnetic waves as acoustic waves in music have their own harmonious high-pitch tones and there is some kind of octave principle, i.e. doubling of frequency. Laws of music and harmony applied to electromagnetism give splendid results. That's why Nikola Tesla used the works by Herman Helmholz about sound in his electrical resonators.

The work of Nikola Tesla on the world-system and his vision of wireless energy transmission, was the first attempt in recent history to excite the Anima Mundi. Tesla's world system is the basis to multidimensional existence of humanity.

Earth related frequencies










Geostationary radius



Geostationary circ.



The SCHUMANN RESONANCES are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth surface and the ionosphere. The first documented observations of global electromagnetic resonances were made by Nikola Tesla in 1905 and formed the basis for his scheme for wireless energy transmission.

Schumann resonance occurs because the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere acts as a waveguide. The limited dimensions of the Earth cause this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves in the ELF band. The cavity is naturally excited by energy from lightning strikes. Schumann resonance modes are observed in the power spectra of the natural electromagnetic background noise, as separate peaks at extremely low frequencies (ELF) around 7.8, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz.

The fundamental mode of the Schumann resonance is a standing wave in the Earth-ionosphere cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. This lowest-frequency (and highest-intensity) mode of the Schumann resonance occurs at a frequency of approximately 7.8 Hz. Further resonance modes appear at approximately 6.5 Hz intervals, a characteristic attributed to the atmosphere's spherical geometry.

These frequencies are in the same range as brain waves. They vary in intensity locally and temporally, depending on the distance between the surface or the earth and the ionosphere, which form two conducting layers separated by an insulating layer. These ELF waves seem to amplify brain waves.

Figure 9: Solar wind – Anima Mundi blood

The essence of cosmic-biosphere connections problem is reduced to the answer to the question if super-weak physic disturbances of cosmic and earth origin (electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves and their parameters fluctuations in all the frequency range, acoustic and baric fluctuations, etc.) can influence live organisms and their ecological societies.

The LOGOS, the being of the Solar System is indeed a living creation. The Solar System is a special kind of organized intelligence. Such as human blood, essential as the carrier of life and genetic holographic programs, the SOLAR WIND acts as the blood of the Solar System. Blood and plasma are essential for preserving life as cosmic plasma is essential for breathing life into ANIMA MUNDI.

Physical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This "donation" of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. The climatic and biosphere processes here on Earth (through a tightly connected feedback system) are directly impacted by the overall transformational processes taking place in our Solar System. These tendencies may be traced in the direction of planet energy capacity growth (capacitance), which is leading to a highly excited or charged state of some of Earth's systems, such as plasma generation in the IONOSPHERE, magnetic storms in the MAGNETOSPHERE, cyclones in the ATMOSPHERE.

Figure 10: Aurora Borealis (NASA)

Aurorae, and some more contentious phenomena such as ball lightning and earthquake lights are plasma phenomena. All of these are formed of plasma or ionised gas that responds with great sensitivity to changes in the earth’s magnetic field and the influx of charged particles from the solar wind or the interplanetary medium. Plasma experiments have revealed that an increased solar wind would produce an aurora in the form of a high-current z-pinch or Birkeland current undergoing complex instabilities that have only recently been understood and analysed.

Much like the aura of the human body, the Earth's magnetosphere holds our collective thoughts, feelings, and consciousness—the mind-field of the planet. Aurora Borealis acts as the aureole of the collective Christ consciousness, an aspect of the collective consciousness that recognizes itself as ONE BEING converging to a spiritual union with the universe.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin taught that humanity is evolving into another form, and that "all that arises; converges". Humanity, he said, is converging toward an OMEGA POINT, at which collective consciousness will find unity. According to Teilhard, Christ is the force behind a collective COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS of Man, which will culminate in the emergence of a COSMIC CHRIST, the AVATARA of LOVE. Carl Jung thought that the collective unconscious contained the whole spiritual heritage of mankind's evolution, born anew in the brain structure of every individual. With the prophets, it is frequently not unconscious at all but conscious and part of the objective mind through the spirit, not just the subjective mind.

Beautiful stories are being written by humans connected to the global collective, now open to galactic perception. But what is the immediate materialization of infinite multidimensional existence they are talking about? How
does TIME STOP for every living being? How will the AVATARA of LOVE present to ourselves in the living world?

Figure 11: Aurora from space (NASA)

Figure 12: Magnetospheric reconnection (ESA)

Solar wind-magnetosphere coupling via reconnection is a fundamental aspect of magnetospheric dynamics.
The energy from the solar wind is transferred into the Earth's magnetosphere through the reconnection process. This transfer of energy causes auroras and also affects radio communications, satellite operations and electric power systems on Earth.

The process occurs when magnetic fields from different domains - in this case, from the Interplanetary Magnetic Field carried by the solar wind, and the Earth's magnetic field - are spliced together, allowing the transfer of energy from one domain to the other. The magnetopause defines the boundary between the Earth's field and the solar wind. It has a bullet-shaped front, gradually changing into a cylinder as it envelopes the planet and trails off behind where it is called the magnetotail. Reconnection breaks through the protection afforded by this natural magnetic sheath, allowing charged particles and energy from the Sun to enter the space around Earth.

The reconnection process is associated with rapid and significant energy conversion from magnetic energy in the magnetotail lobes to particle kinetic energy and heat in the plasma sheet. The tail field reconfiguration is also associated with strong field-aligned currents to and from the ionosphere, which in part contribute to the energy dissipation in the ionosphere.

During reconnection, the geometry of the magnetic field forms an X-shape, also called a ‘magnetic null’. Magnetic reconnection takes place when sheets of oppositely directed magnetic field get pressed together. In doing so, the sheets cross to form an X-shape that is then temporarily broken to form a new magnetic line geometry. The creation of a different geometry induces jets of electrically charged particles and also allows solar material to pass through newly created ‘cracks’ in the previously impenetrable magnetic field configuration.

Figure 13: The Dungey model of the reconnecting magnetosphere

Our perception of TIME is materialized by the MAGNETIC RECONNECTON PROCESS in the Earth's Magnetosphere. Earth's magnetic reconnection emulates the primordial source of eternal vibrating universe.

By placing two ionosphere exciters located in Siberia and Alaska, and using the resonance cones of Earth's magnetosphere to induce a chain reaction in the vast energy provided by solar wind we are able to create a time mirror. The space/time continuum in localized existence can shift between two emitters out of phase, as a way of creating a disturbance in space/time continuum - a time-quake. By harnessing the natural fusion mechanism of Earth's magnetosphere RECONNECTION with the ASCENSION APPARATUS, a new humanity will be able to change the existential frequency of ANIMA MUNDI to multidimensional existence.

Figure 14: Earth magnetosphere resonance cone (P. Bellan)

The figure below shows a three-dimensional cut-away view of Earth's magnetic bubble. The curly features sketched on the boundary layer are the Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices on the duskside of the magnetosphere discovered by Cluster spacecraft. They originate where two adjacent flows travel with different speed. In this case, one of the flows is the heated gas inside the boundary layer of the magnetosphere, the other the solar wind just outside it.

Figure 15: Kevin-Helmholtz vortex instabilities in Earth magnetosphere (ESA)


The human brain exists in duality, with it's bipolar presence. It drives our inherit state of expanding and deflating perception while clinging to the programs of the material world. Should ALL HUMANS in one instance experience a sudden balance between the delusion of ever-confronted inner and outer perception, a quantum leap in consciousness would materialize.

Following the manifestation of buddha state in a human being, and the resulting effects on the brain, we are able to unerstandd how the collective being can be transformed. If ONESELF synchonizes brain waves in deep meditation with galactic frequencies, rather than local noise, the sparks of enlightenment follow. If we are able to similary synchronize the BIPOLAR presence of the collective being - the poles of the EARTH's MAGNETOSPHERE we will become a civilization instantly aware of ETERNAL PRESENCE. If we are able to sync the FUTURE with the PAST we will live an instance of ETERNITY.

Figure 16: Coronal Mass Ejection Longitudinal EM Pump

The Earth's Magnetic Reconnection as the vibratory principle of perceived TIME holds a key to breaking down the boundary between human collective SUBCONSCIOUSNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS. It is this very important moment of rupture of membranes of perceived TIME that we can attribute to breaking the boundary between SUBCONSCIOUSNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS. The resulting spark of EGO-LOSS is recorded as a HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE in the being's MICROCOSMOS.

The soul of the WORLD, the ANIMA MUNDI is by design an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC appearance. The QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS link capacity between our human brain and the layers of NOOSPHERE is being widend as we are being once again brought to a sudden change in ways of civilization. The ANIMA MUNDI, as the collective carrier of consciousness, manifested in the Earth's Magnetosphere announces this QUANTUM LEAP with an all-out perception of a need for CHANGE.

Humans are once more given the way of vibrating the ANIMA MUNDI for a QUANTUM LEAP. The NEW HUMANITY will have SEEDED in holographic memory the possibility of vibrating all local existence into ONE POINT OF ETERNITY.

The simulation of NON-TIME EXISTENCE is temporal EXISTENCE within a TIME MIRROR.
TIME MIRRORS are shockwaves through ETHER, bouncing between the FUTURE and NOW SEGMENTS.

Figure 17: Longitudinal EM Pump / Plasma vortex compression

A Birkeland current generally refers to any electric current in a space plasma, but more specifically when charged particles in the current follow magnetic field lines (hence, Birkeland currents are also known as field-aligned currents). They are caused by the movement of a plasma perpendicular to a magnetic field. It was Kristian Birkeland in 1908 who postulated the existence of the currents that bear his name.

And in 1939, Nobel Laureate Hannes Alfvén was the first physicist to promote Birkeland’s theory in a paper about electrical currents generated by the solar wind. Alfvén argued that if plasma pervaded the universe, it could then carry electric currents capable of generating a galactic magnetic field.

If astrophysicists recognized this simple fact, the glowing arms of spiral galaxies would at last be seen as electromagnetic structures, subject to electromagnetic forces. The point needs to be made again and again: In our Electric Universe there is no need for weird "dark matter."

Originally Birkeland currents referred to electric currents that contribute to the aurora, caused by the interaction of the plasma in the Solar Wind with the Earth's magnetosphere. The current flows earthwards down the morning side of the Earth's ionosphere, around the polar regions, and spacewards up the evening side of the ionosphere. These Birkeland currents are now sometimes called auroral electrojets. The currents were predicted in 1903 by Norwegian explorer and physicist Kristian Birkeland, who undertook expeditions into the Arctic Circle to study the aurora.

In 1974, theoretical work of Hannes Alfvén on field-aligned electric currents in the aurora (based on earlier work by Kristian Birkeland) was confirmed by satellite observations. The discovery of Birkeland currents in Earth's magnetosphere has resulted in a drastic change in our understanding of aurora dynamics, now attributed to filamentation of Birkleand charged-particle sheets following the Earth's dipole magnetic field lines into vortex current bundles.

Although plasma vortex structures are well known phenomena in contemporary space plasma physics, few attempts have been made to associate plasma vortices with large astrophysical objects. Indeed, Hannes Alfvén was a pioneer in this respect by associating the early solar system with a plasma vortex. By extrapolating the size and strength of magnetospheric currents to galaxies, Alfvén suggests a number of confined regions that flow through interstellar clouds and assist in galaxy formation.

Figure 18: Plasma vortex / Time mirror

The vortices are produced by a phenomenon called PINCH EFFECT. A straight thread of electrical current produces a cylindrical magnetic field, which attracts other currents flowing in the same direction. The tiny current threads tend to PINCH together, drawing the plasma with them. The converging threads twine into a rope and become plasma whirlwinds. Pinches occur naturally in electrical discharges such as lightning bolts, the aurora, current sheets, and solar flares.

Figure 19: Time mirror function - Two emitters

The current state of civilization is unsustainable due to irrational exuberance and destruction of the biosphere.
There can be no doubt that, of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance. Not without reason said that man of wisdom, Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world." The friction which results from ignorance, and which is greatly increased owing to the numerous languages and nationalities, can be reduced only by the spread of knowledge and the unification of the heterogeneous elements of humanity. All movement, from the surging of the mighty ocean to that subtle movement concerned in our thought, has but one common cause. All this energy emanates from one single center, one single source—the SUN. The SUN is the spring that drives all. The SUN maintains all human life and supplies all human energy. To increase the force accelerating human movement means to turn to the uses of man more of the SUN's energy.

Civilization may go on only in agreement with the Nature Laws. We present the NOOSPHERE ETHICAL ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION, based upon the concept of cosmogenesis of life, as a seed for a new mankind. The resulting NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE should prepare for the evident energy struggle leading to a crash of civilization and support creation of self-sustainable communities far away from existing urban centers. The use of alternative energy sources like wind and solar, together with small hydroelectric generators, as well as organic food production will provide the NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE the model of social continuity beyond the energy crisis.

The everlasting struggle for material resources leading to conflict is a quality of a finite material world. The ownership, manipulation and selling of natural energy resources for money creates ego entrapment. The energy crisis will serve as a catalytic event for the implosion of the saturated planetary social-economic system.

A NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE human sees other humans inseparable from the primordial source as archetypal holographic mirror image of the source. The NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE is to become a seed of ONE-UNIVERSAL NATION, a nation within every nation. Integration of nation states into a single universally important civilization - THE NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE, wisely implementing its life and life activity is the seed of a NEW HUMANITY. The emergence of an organized human NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE is to prepare the ANIMA MUNDI for infinite multidimensional existence.

The emerging proactive trend is pushing the perception of time. Being anticipatory and taking charge of situations is sharpening human senses. Humans are ever more sensible, becoming consciously aware of the future happenings in the present moment. A being consciously aware of timeless existence is a being that can break out of the reincarnation cycle. The reincarnation cycle is based on the illusion of time flow, the bipolar manifestation of the Earth's magnetic field and the rotation of Earth. The ANIMA MUNDI as the collective soul carrier can break out of the reincarnation cycle through ASCENSION to the immovable center - the primordial source.

Figure 20: Ascension apparatus

Deharmonization of natural bio-vibratory principles leads to a decrease in energy density of the spritual domain. In order to converge to a NOOSPHERE collective, planetary beings must tune into harmonic oscillations of the universe. There need be a catalyst event, the so called OMEGA POINT. Such catalyst event is imprinted in the holographic memory of ANIMA MUNDI. This catalyst event is to provoke EGO LOSS in human beings. There is a way to tune the vibratory bodies of all humans on planet Earth into resonance.
The ASCENSION APPARATUS is essentially a brainwave tuner on a global scale. Such excitation of the ANIMA MUNDI is the way to imprint in GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS the image of ONENESS needed to fulfill the NOOSPHERE Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind. This is a moment of transformation of civilization for we are able to synchronize human beings to vibrate as ONE, giving birth to a multidimensional Earth.



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