Velimir Abramovic

Until today I hesitated to speak about my personal work, since concept I am developing during the last decade in the field of understanding of space, time, electromagnetic and matter itself, is entirely different from the explanations of relativity and quantum mechanics. But, as I concluded (from different publications and printed materials) there is not only growing interest and a number of the odd inventions, but also fast establishing trend approaching the level of scientific theory. Although, at the first sight, all those ideas are from different directions and approaches: strange motors, devices, paranormal events, Buddhist approach to the consciousness, concepts of gravity, new energy sources, etc., logical analysis straightway leads to the only one point necessary formulation of, lets call it "new electromagnetic".

Obviously, in the official science there is no place for mentioned phenomena's, but since that they do exist, problem must be that quantum mechanics, as the most fundamental physical theory today, is logically incoherent and far away from the complete system. It means that it doesn't satisfy the first requirements for any logical, mathematical and consequently physical system, which has an ambition to cover the reality. It also means that if one wants to explain any of the mentioned phenomena's he will not be able to do so if he starts from any particular aspect of the question. What usually happens in that case is that one is constantly forced to involve new terminology to name unexplained effects, for example: scalar electromagnetic, scalar phases, fundamental fields, synergy, zero point energy, tachyons, tachyon fields, etc.

The problem is very well known in the history of methodology and logic (Karl Popper: The Logic of Scientific Discovery) and can be expressed as a difference between power of deductively and inductively inference theory. By inducing the data from the experience it is not possible to generate theory which may include all existing cases.

The research in the "new electromagnetic" is so fundamental that it claims deductive method, and for that purpose I need at the first place more basically philosophical approach.

This was exactly the starting point of our reasoning many years ago when I tried to understand the most simple and at the same time the most abstract fundamentals on which such an theory is to be based on.

Tracing scientific terminology backwards I came to the conclusion that in its true essence physical reality could be identified with spaceless and timeless infinity. That infinity which must be the same in physics, mathematics and philosophy is the only one natural continuum. That should be the first step, the first presupposition from where direct physical interpretation of arithmetical and geometrical elements is to be derived. From the identity of physical and mathematical continuum follows that every mathematical element and algorithm must have certain physical existence. So, natural numbers or conceived geometrical objects in a way have to be incarnated in things. This point of view starting the logical procedure which may lead us to the proper physical interpretation of mathematics.

The specific principle inherent to the only one natural continuum differentiates in it relatively limited extensions, or space quanta (photons) which aggregate into heavier particles according to exact mathematical laws (2)

When investigated philosophical fundamentals and essentials of Euclid's Elements I have found that it is valid and coherent cosmology entirely based on the Eleatic Doctrine of Being. Euclid has succeeded what his teacher Plato didn't - to construct operational theory of incredible consistency. It is fully and solely deduced from its first definition: "the point is that has no parts", and real meaning of his work unavoidably is to be rediscovered in our time. Actually the Elements are the set of instructions for constructing mater. But since all known effects concerning matter are happening in certain geometrical "points" (and in order to computerize frequency calculations) further step is to replace Euclid geometry with specific group theory, so that continuities among ends of supposed geometrical objects would be identified with what we normally perceive as solid matter of so called physical reality. (3)

From Plato Euclid took his main approach: he remained convinced that mathematics is universal link between ideas and material things. And what he showed making his almost perfect system was that the same laws are applicable in theory and physical world.

According to the postulates and theorems of Euclid's Optics and Catoptrics which are unfortunately considered obsolete, he was the real father of all later relativity theories. But derivations from Euclid's postulates exposed in Optics lead to relativity that fits on rotational systems, contrary to Special Relativity of Einstein, which doesn't fit. There is no need to say, I hope, that all existing systems in nature are exclusively rotational.

That new relativity theory founded on the postulates from Euclid's Optics and inference in the terms of his geometry would explain what Tesla was calculating to obtain his miraculous resonant effects among especially arranged EM-emitters. Tesla, as you may have noticed, was always calculating specific curvatures of deformations of each originally spherical homogeneous EM-field. It is significant and indicative that he didn't use integral calculus or vector calculus, and also, he didn't use Maxwell's equations. Almost in a way of clairvoyant he was able to see physical model of photon, and to apply proper and simple mathematics, which no one uses today.

Although this is not the place to write about that, I want to mention that I have found that transformation of the sphere into spheroid in the case EM-emission has to satisfy condition of maintaining the constancy of the surface Frenell. And more, mathematical pattern of the new electromagnetic must be designed in a way that operators of the groups are arithmetical principles which distribute effects (points) along the lines of the real spheroid deformation of the EM-entity.

Electromagnetic spheres which represent the inner configuration of the one natural continuum are the elements of what we call "space" in today's physics. The laws of deformation of the basic space configuration are what we call "time". Time is not substantial in terms of our perception of matter and we have defined it as a pure number, or relation between two or more homogeneous EM-fields. If your change those fields you are changing the local time as well.

Also, it is obvious that all effective processes obey, let us call it - general law of resonance. For example, in quantum mechanics to cause the effect of any quantum process it is necessary to apply energy equal to the energy content of the effect. Also very well known mechanical leverage principle shows that geometrical resonance is basically, not a force. (4) So, we can say that all processes in the nature are resonant processes; in the case we perceive motion it means that the ratio among EM-fields involved is not the resonant one. The question of velocity is merely the question of time perception in the sense I have defined it.

Physical concept of electromagnetic energy, mathematically speaking is the theoretical key how to put geometry in physical operation. (Isn’t it strange that light in spite of its high speed doesn't spend any energy traveling through space? Or what is to be concluded from the simple fact that velocity of light is entirely dependent on natural medium?) Should be added that in the Universe there is no "force" of any kind; it is possible to conceive application of even "unlimited" force but it will not change any of the natural principles which govern the phenomena. (5)

If the intention is to obtain energy from inexhaustible EM-environment, should be based on the law of resonance should be used, but in a such a way that allows us to put existing natural EM-systems in non-resonant condition; using different devices, of course. Controlled non-resonant processes may allow us to pump out the energy "directly from the time". And it is very simple, like Tesla said.

This was very simplified and general information about what I am working on. In short, it is operational physical theory of matter, philosophically based, mathematically formulated and experimentally confirmed. The final goal of it is comprehending and utilization of the laws which cause condensation of atomic particles from electromagnetic entities.


1 * First published in the TESLIANA Journal, special edition, published by the Tesliana Society, Bijeljina, Idvor, Belgrade, 1995, pp 60-4: ISSN-0354-2483

2* At this stage we have to equalize primal extension with quantum of space and that one with electromagnetic entity, photon.

3* The "truth" we usually recognize is nothing else but mathematical prediction of our common experience.

4* The concept of energy is much closer to geometry than the concept of force, but it is not possible here to go deeper into the problem explaining essential difference.

5* The concept of energy is much closer to geometry than the concept of force, but it is not possible here to go deeper into the problem explaining essential difference.



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