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Velimir Abramovic 



The knowledge of Time is very scant. As you may know, in the long history of time philosophy, there are two opposite concepts: heraklian and parmenidian. Almost all physicists use heraklian conception and for them time is dimension of everlasting change ( panta rei ). Philosophers mostly admit parmenidian conception: there is no beginning or the end of time, there is no past or future, there is no actual time at all, except those peculiar "nows". In fact it is commonly used a dual conception where the two-dimensional nature of time stays logically blurred. The first dimension of time appears physical and measurable, and the second one is eternal, immeasurable, absolute now. Allegedly, my body (my space-matter) belongs to the first dimension of time, but, my mind (I, conscious subject) belongs to its second dimension.

Why do we remember only the past but not the future? That is, because our inbuilt "psychological arrow" points to the future. This psychological arrow essentially coincides with the termodynamical arrow and when the ‘universe is contracting' the biosphere has no means to live, because entropy (or thermodynamical arrow) is lost or too weak. Without 'the arrow' the various fluctuations in the Universe tend to attain the equal frequencies. This leads the World to the most likely condition – state of equilibrium where the directivity of time does not exist. Anyway, in statistical mechanics, based on the conventional mechanics of a point, the directivity of time does not appear as a quality of time itself, but only as a property of mechanical system. But, if the directivity of time and other possible qualities are objective, they should enter the system of elementary mechanics of isolated processes. However, this is not happening and the statistical generalization of classical mechanics leads us to the conclusion that absolute equilibrium conditions are not uttainable. In experiments, the directivity of time signifies a pattern continuously existing in time, which, acting upon the material system, can cause it to transfer to an equilibrium state. Henryk Mehlberg well summarized all this in 1961: "On presently available scientific evidence, time should be considered as having no arrow or unique direction, and as involving no intrinsic (observer-independent) distinction between past and future." If this analysis is correct, then the so-called cosmic arrow of time is really the arrow of the world in time and not of time itself.

In short, in contemporary science and philosophy time has no recognized real existence like space and matter.

A Being

We have to enter here the new branch of Metaphysics – Ontology of Time that takes Time as the Whole World itself, as a Being. The new general notion of the Ontology is The Science of Time . The Time is a new fundamental category of human science, taken as a whole. The Physical Law of Time produces and regulates the universal stream of change.

If this conjecture is accepted, there is a question is it at all desirable to comprehend the God's Cosmogony itself? Why should we at all intent to rationalize God? What is impossible should not be desirable. But, in spite of the fact that the becoming of a Being or the creation of everything will for ever stay mystical, it does not hold for its functioning. As far as I can see, all the needs of Humanity, whatever one can even imagine to wish, could be fulfilled by rational cognition and mastering of Time, or closer, by controlling the everlasting Change - consciously. That would enable man to alternate at will not only sensory reality of biophysical systems, but also their time defined structures, and so to build alternative realities , in full sense of the words. I firmly believe that entering of “parallel worlds” which naturally exist and constructing of new ones, both is achievable by human scientific means. The Cosmos is segmented by local time coordination and its obvious emptiness is illusionary.

Although I agree with Melissos from Samos , (5 th century B.C.), that “we should not think or speak about Gods, there is no knowledge on them”, my feeling is that God has nothing against the new contemporary human insight into the true power of the Endless. What stays after all is the primal desire: ‘being one and the same with God'. But, is it at all possible not to be one and the same with Creator and his creation? Who even by extreme imagination can escape from a Being, from its dimensionless Infinity?


On Time, Mathematics and Logic


Melissos also was teaching that “the World is Oneness which is unlimited, unchangeable, immovable, isotropic and full; there is no real motion, but only the perception of it.” From my point of view he was describing nothing else but properties of Time .

Ontology of Time is a new stage of Human Knowledge where Time is finally understood. Time is exactly what was in long history of Metaphysics mistakenly named Non-Being, or in eastern Religions and Philosophies – Nothingness, Emptiness. However, from non-spatiality and non-corporeality (the key properties of Non-Being) isn't necessarily following the ‘non-existence'. The Emptiness and Nothingness are relative notions dependent on fullness and “somethingness” and are not adequate for what they should signify.

The ‘existence' is noumenal and fundamental and ‘non-existence' can not be ontologically defended. If ‘Being is what it is' , then ‘Non-Being is not what it is not' . It creates the natural paradox. The existence of ‘what it is not' is unthinkable. There is no possible ontology of Non-Being.

What should be the essence of ‘non-existing'? ‘Yes' is ultimate position of every theoretical search, ‘no' is the relative matter of the experience. The ‘emptiness' doesn't appear anywhere, but it still exists out of sensory perception as ‘real physical Time' . Why? How?

  If taken in absolute sense, the concept of ‘Physical reality' includes metaphysics, but excludes logic. The 'non-existence' can not be given in full by any known mental instrument: idea (Plato), form, concept, logical entity (Aristotle), thought, image, language, cognition – all of them are in certain existential modes . The Cosmos is an experiment of God which precedes the verification and its ‘existence' is independent of ‘scientific truth'.

From the metaphysical point of mind, which is lower than religious, a ‘Being' appears as the same with ‘existence' and also ‘truth'. In the statement ‘I lie', ‘I' (subject) must exist or the statement is meaningless. Since there is no object of lying, the predicate in the sentence is related only to subject. Therefore, the actual meaning of the statement is ‘I lie that I am'. It seems that absolute lying is impossible. (“Praedicatum inest subjecto” – Leibniz).

The ‘truth' is deeply rooted in ‘existence' and ultimately coincides with it. The notion of ‘non-existence' belongs to phenomenal world; it is relative and changeable. In further considerations it becomes clear that Logic doesn't have solid ontological foundation at all. Logic is ultimately based on mathematics, which is inherent to the phenomena and has its own inbuilt ontology. If we take and use ‘0 as Time', ‘1 as Space', or ‘2,3,4… as complex physical entities with implicated equality of units', we shall find that in correct connection to physics the numbers are becoming directly physical. Since the other mathematical operations are already defined by entities themselves as their properties, we may simply follow the correspondence so creating the physical mathematics . The nature is the spontaneous mathematician. However, the logical symbols a, b, c... are not directly ontologically interpretable and need additional defining. Moreover, the logical operations are entirely separated from logical symbols and there is no natural connection between logical symbolism and logical procedure. It creates insurmountable difficulty in the ontological founding of Logic. On one hand, logical relations should be properties of symbols or at least should emanate from them. On the other hand, symbols of logic are originally conceived in the way they can not be physically interpreted; they are general but not elementary. Since Logic can not be reduced neither only to logical relations, nor only to symbols, the ultimate ontological founding of Logic is not possible. However, it can be done over mathematics. Only the mathematics by its nature gives us the tools of identifying mind and physical world and represents undivided reality. If mathematics is natural and primary knowledge, then the logic is artificial, and of secondary value.

“Non-Being exists” makes a paradox, identical to the statement: “I lie”. As it was already said: “From the truth, falsity can not follow” or I would say ‘from the existence, non-existence can not follow'. It is clear that ‘Non-Being' can not be affirmative without raising the unsolvable paradox: ‘non-existence' must be confirmed by ‘existence'. Nevertheless, the Spirituality (or Consciousness), Mentality (or products of thinking) as well as Experience (sensory world) are all contented in Reality. So, what is the true and essential meaning of the notion ‘Non-Being', can it be physically interpreted and its understanding used in Science? For those purpose the completely new philosophical logic is needed, or better, the mathematics should be recognized as the logic of Cosmos.

It is to be presupposed that non-spatial, dimensionless entity really exists and that is Time. Obviously, among Time, Space and Matter, only Time is “spationless” (non-spatial) and incorporeal, appears nowhere directly, but somehow exists. Let us again suppose the Time is the One, the Time is a Being. But, what is it and how it affects the World: Cosmically pre-established Laws, Space and Matter?

•  Time is identical with Reality itself ; it is unchangeable, dimensionless, not-extended, limitless, and formless; it is also real and pure essence.

•  Time is a Substance ; Substance is what is called unchangeable ultimate Reality; what isn't change, is not extended; what is not extended, has no parts; what has no parts is non-spatial and infinite; what is infinite must be Infinity itself.

•  Time is real and unique Infinity ; ultimate Reality and substantial Infinity are one and the same; A Being is real Infinity as the Time is; real infinities can not coexist and consequently Space and Matter are finite, but not necessarily limited in size and quantity; Time is universal and one and the same with Infinity, Substance and Reality.

•  Time is “spationless” (non-spatial) entity ; it is also non-localized and non-localizable, it is not positioned in Space and it can not be identified with any place or equated with it; in space-terms Time is everywhere, all-pervasive, universal, underlying all the spatial and material phenomena.

•  Time is independent and precedes the Space and Matter, which are entirely dependent on it.

In conclusion:

•  Time taken as a Being is simple, elementary entity and simply self-identical.
•  Time taken as Reality – truly exists.
•  Time taken, as Substance is unchangeable Infinity.
•  Time taken as Continuity is a basic generating principle.
•  Time taken as a whole is complex (structured).

Hypothesis: Present time is polycentric actual Infinity (Present time we also call Eternity or a Being).

Time is much more abstract then we previously thought; Eternity is temporal Infinity (non-spatial and non-material) and the only one which is real. But, it is not the case that Eternity is infinite; the true case is that Eternity is Infinity itself . Eternity is ‘eternal present'. Precisely, ‘ Eternity ' is ‘ Present ' time'. In terms of Physics, Present time is universal inertial system completely motionless. Past and Future are ‘illusionary motions'. Present time - or Eternity – is unique actual infinity.

Ockham's razor: “Entities are not to be multiplied beyond

Necessity”. If Time is the one and the same with Reality, it seems like there are too many concepts for the same main subject. Time is enough; it is the only category. The rest of general notions that are Being, Infinity, Wholeness, Primary Substance, Point, Zero, Consciousness, Continuum, Spirit - are not categories of the Physical reality. They represent the operative models of Time in various disciplines of human knowledge.


On Temporal Algorithm which forms Space


How parts are becoming in wholeness or how space (what is finite) originates from Time (what is infinite)?

Infiniteness is a principle cause of self-differentiation of Time; there are n+1 coexistent centers of Infinity. Space and Matter are also intrinsic finite events in Time (or events inside real Infinity). Infinity precedes the finite. If Reality is Infinity , then there is no outside World. Everything finite is within Infinity and is becoming in it and of it. Since the space-matter parts are finite, they are only relatively individual and relatively separated from the wholeness. The relative separation of parts is executed and constantly governed by Natural Laws or mathematical operations that are of a Time nature, also. Time is both the generating Law and the unique essence for all the space-matter forms; it is a Spirit.

Is it in human mind power to conceive possible Cosmogony of Life which would deal with its origin directly? Of course, before Life we are to comprehend Time. But, before we catch the reality of Time we have to understand the substance of infinite Being. It is all ultimately interconnected.

Nondeterministic precedes deterministic. Why? Simply because the omni potentiality of Infinite gives us opportunity of unlimited choice (freedom) which is the basis of natural technology. If we catch the true meaning of this it will open us the way to understanding the reason why the creativeness of life does not contradict the laws of the physics. The acceptance of Time as the most general physical law that regulates change and governs all the phenomena leads us to solution of K. Popper's dilemma: ‘deterministic or nondeterministic universe?' And there is no ‘the stream of time', as Newton thought, since the physical laws are not in motion of any kind.

The structure of Time:

•  Eternity - (or ‘eternal present time') generating Space and Matter with its property - Continuity (the main natural law or the most General Law of the ‘Physical Reality');

•  Synchronicity - (regulates ‘existential frequency' of Space and Matter parts);

•  Internal Time – (that one which structures relatively independent object);

•  Local Time - (‘environmental time' constituted by Internal Times ratio);

•  Conventional Time - (‘laboratory second' – the only available instrument of human cognition);

One Buddha has said: “An instant realization sees endless time. Endless time is as one moment. When one comprehends the endless moment, he realizes self who is seeing it.”

Here we came on the profound and for the people the crucial question about the ontological nature of good and evil. Present time is the inertial system, immovable as absolute goodness is also . The Evil is the Change ; goodness is absence of change, no change – no evil . Why the present is immovable system or system in absolute peace? Allover the universe the present instantly connects ‘moments of synchronous forms of entities' which among themselves stay relatively unaltered, frozen in shape and time, stay always as they are, for ever the same. Present is good and real, it is beyond measuring, immeasurable; the past and the future are illusionary, changeable, measurable and evil. Time consists of unlimited quantity of presents and taken separately each of those is good as the eternity is.

In history of civilizations a Being was generally connecting to space and matter and Non-Being to Time. It is exactly the opposite: as the main natural law, the Eternity is only real and space and matter are ephemeral - they are in constant becoming.

The algorithm basis of space-matter structuring from time is the spherical law: present has many centers related by radiuses that are generating space-matter formations.


On the Reform of Causality


In Ontology of Time the bare wisdom is to know what stays beyond cognition. If we admit that the creation of Eternity itself is not approachable by questions “What?” “Why?” and “How?” then we will be able to conform Causality to Time and its basic relations to Space and Matter. Thus it will become also possible to discover the Mathematical Logic behind the Space-Matter derivations from Present Time.

What constitutes the wrong metaphysical basis of causal logic is that (human) thinking can perform its operations independently of a Being and cognize what was before its existence, the reason why it exists.

The existence is the precondition of thinking. And closer, the existence of belief necessarily precedes in what we believe in. I believe in God by my existence, before I form the notion of God. The same holds for the Universe.

“Cogito ergo sum” – “I think, therefore I am” (Decartes), is not deepen enough and it should be reconsidered. It seems that in Ontology is exactly the opposite: “I am, (I exist), therefore I think (I operate)”. Subjects are the objects of outside world, and vice versa, the objects are the outside subjects. The I is relative, but it is everywhere. Speaking in common sense, the mere thinking can not be the valid proof of existence; otherwise the Logic itself would lead to understanding of Creation, which is obviously not the case. The entity is before its property, it conditions its properties, or better, functioning can not precede that what is functioning. We have the experience and also the knowledge of existence and in ontological thinking we should start from what is primary, from the existence and not from thoughts. If the existential ordering is induced in language, it will be also found that ‘subject' is necessarily before the ‘predicate'.

Creation of a Being (Time) must precede its existence and therefore the comprehension of Time-Creation is not an achievable logical knowledge. Why? Because any thinking or any Logic inevitably starts from what exists and ultimately that is a Being (or Time). To remind here that non-spatiality of Time (its dimensionless nature) for many scientists in history was the reason to conclude erroneously that ‘Time is not something existent'. Seems that in science it is desperately needed an extension of the notion of existence to what is dimensionless, to ‘what has no parts'. The existence should not be merely linked to dimensional world, to length, width, volume and mass. If there is no observed at least length, we conclude there is nothing. It is naive and shallow position and completely excludes spiritual level from science and philosophy, the level which is of utmost importance. As we know today the Logic comes from domain of imaginary systems (just like games) where anything is possible what in Reality it is not. Logic is about the meaning, not about the existence.

In the Ontology of Time (where Time is a Being) it is inescapable to begin analysis from the effect, because we do not know how Time came into existence, how it is created. As we do have neither the knowledge, nor the experience of primary Creation, in scientific thinking it's not possible to start from that deepest level. I do not state that the Time itself (a Being) necessarily has an antecedent cause for its existence, but I do state that on the way from Time to observable world everything is completely causal (the problem is how).

In spite the fact we know the cause precedes the effect, in actual thinking we start from what is already done, from the Oneness. That enables us to apply causation in time-space relations, or in wholeness-parts relation, or in relation of infinite Being to finite entities made of it. So the choice of the first thinkable object to begin the chain of causality is exclusively reduced to one dimensionless and limitless something that somehow exist (a Being or a Time) . Needless to repeat: the Creator himself stays beyond any logic.

Causality is conceived as a non-temporal logical chain of succession. But, if the consequence is experienced before its condition then it also indicates the unknown cause of the effect and so we face the World as the consequence of Creation which is the pre-given and the unknown cause of its appearance. The acausality (or non-causality) is not the mere individual disorder of perceiving events or wrong way of signifying things; it is in fact the absolute destiny of a science. Whatever Einstein says, causal view is not locally dependant on the observer's position only. Every true research of the Universe necessarily starts from the consequence; it is hopelessly acausal from the very beginning. Even the most profound Ontological insight is consequential and can not be causal. It is conditio humana .

At present there are in use two forms of causal logic linked to each other in such a way that is apparent they are of the same root. Those are to be clearly unified:

•  Conditional : same condition results with the same consequence, (if p, then q), indicating that q is somehow caused by p;

•  Causation : the first (cause) brings about the second (effect), but if the same cause results with the same effect is opened – conditional.

The close look into these two schemes, ‘condition-consequence' (conditional) and ‘cause-effect' (causal), shows that ‘Causative' and ‘Conditional' are mixed up, overlapping.

The order of the notions implies conventional succession in time, comply with the sensory experience and that makes this logic plausible in everyday life. It seems to us that condition precedes the consequence just like the effect must come after the cause. But, in the Ontology of Time and especially in the Physics of Time above forms of causal thinking are not useful.

As we already discussed, in reality the Ontology begins from what already exists / ‘a Time (a Being) that is'/, and precedes the existence of Space and Matter. It follows that causality applied in Ontology is to start from the ‘consequence or effect'. Since a Being is ultimate reality, in fact the ‘consequence-effect' side of causality can be completely abandoned.

The consequence and effect are of the same nature, but the condition and cause are not. Condition is entity and the cause is its property (the law). A Being is the condition and its property is the cause, or a Being is entity whose properties are natural laws. In religious approach it is legitimate to see the World as a consequence, but in Science the World (a Being) is a given condition of research. So in the new form of Causality designed to comply with ontological claims and to operate in Science of Time there is no place for concept of ‘effects and consequences'. Instead, there is entity ( condition ) and its property ( cause or natural law ). For example: Earth itself isn't cause of the free fall, its gravitation that is. Earth (entity) is the condition and the gravitation is its property (cause); or in genetics it is obvious that the properties of the molecules are responsible for the birth of new being, not the molecules themselves. But, up to now, entities and properties were not distinctly seen in causal relation.

The new chain of generic causation should be established in continuo starting from Infinity, as: primary condition—primary cause—new condition—new cause...etc. And it is symmetrical to: primary thing— primary law—new thing—new law...etc., and also to: primary entity— primary property—new entity— new property….etc. If q (entity- condition ) then p (property-productive cause of a new condition, i.e. new entity). The entity has property that brings about new entity with new property, and so on. In logical sense this new scheme of causation is a full proposition that says exactly how things are in the world and its true-value is entirely dependant on that, i.e. on the way the things are.

The scheme is also profoundly symmetrical, showing the symmetry of nature and logic. It is also evolving; it is progressive and exactly individualized. It is strongly physically determined contra previous types of causality which were essentially non-deterministic. This exactness and individualization are necessary in the Mathematics of Time and its inferences, because of ‘internal time codes' and ‘local time operators' which are physically productive.

The example of symmetry of new causal relation and the generic nature of time is showing how logic is a posteriori description of thinking process:

Entity (Time) has property (Polycentricism) that brings about new entities (Parts) with their mutual property (Synchronization)...etc.

Discussion on causality reformation was just to make clear that Science of time is rooted in pre-logical mathematics. Every thinking must be logical, but, by known logic we can not achieve the discovery; it is not before or beyond logic, but the new logic that leads to it can be formulated only after discovery is made. Why is that? All the logic usable in ontology is already contained in mathematics and moreover, it is in the form that is directly corresponding to nature. That is why the logical thinking is intellectual overdoing which is not guiding us to new scientific views. The discovery comes by complex mind-matter tuning which transforms synchronicity - level of laws, into resonance - level of sensory world. From this point, instead of obsolete concepts of condition and cause , only the equivalent notions of entity and property should be in use, as operable and distinct.

The world is not an artificial product and humanity is not, too. That is why man is mainly doomed to theoreticize, imitate and recombine.

The determinism of nature can never be circumvented by theoretical speculations, but can be exactly interpreted by them and that is the final aim of all the theories and thinking in general. The ultimate goal of science is to replicate the natural order and existing ontological stratification of entities and laws. The only question is to what extent and on which level we can reach that truth potential of mathematics.

What we call primary reality is the effect of non-intelligible cause. In ontology there is no relativity: the God's consequence, World, we necessarily see as the cause of what is happening to ourselves. Ontology starts with consequence. From the new scheme of causality follows totally new comprehension of consequential ordering literally applicable in time-space-matter relations. Although the creation of Time itself is not intelligible, starting from Time the new causality may achieve symmetry with reality reflecting it directly and completely as the alternate ordering of entities and their properties. Anyway, the whole science is seeking for symmetry of theory and reality. The science of time is such attempt.

As we do have neither the knowledge, nor the experience of primary Creation, in scientific thinking it's not possible to start from that transcendental level.

If the creation is supposedly the cause of the existence of a Being, then the thinking on Causality inescapably starts from the effect, from Eternity that contains and produces everything else.


On Life and Tesla's Spiral

General Time Law (or Continuity) generates and regulates Life forms.

Self-organized systems (living structures) are based on ‘complex circular motion' or periodicity.

Life is spiral form and its ‘vertical periodicity' constitutes synchronicity Law of circulation; in temporal view Life is the time organized periodical motion. In fact, Life is ‘vertical periodicity' arranged as complex order of time sequences and that is what we call ‘life arrangement', the genome.

Vortex – complex spiral form that represents self-organized bio-system.



Tesla's Time Vortex – key to Life (or soul-body synchronicity achieved by fertilization act) and Death - (or loosing of synchronicity under the influence of outside electromagnetic fields).

  The basic scheme of the Vortex consists of homocentric spheres. The Vortex also shows the basic Infinity as the white whole in the center (look at the drawing). Since the infinity is obviously polycentric, any pair of its centers gives new radius. Since the surfaces of the initial sphere and bigger ones can not be synchronized by equality of radiuses, it produces constant rotating motion of spherical fractals – the Vortex, or in temporal terms – “asynchronicity”. Why fractals? That is because the criterion of present existence is equality in measure. To present belongs only what coexist. Observable variety comes from the partial equality of unequal things and that is what we experience as synchronous present world.

Some number properties of Tesla's spiral: (15 full lines; 15 broken lines; 2 x 15 short full lines, two next to every long full line); as Pythagoras thought: Time is a sphere containing the whole world. Radius as the main temporal operator is making ‘time connection of modulo 6 to modulo 10'. There are six radiuses that measure exactly the circumference of a circle and there are only ten punctual positions on the spherical surfaces that are, two by two, distanced by radius. In total, there are twelve curved radiuses on the spherical surface dispatching the ten points on it. This is brief number discussion of a Tesla's spiral and it should be done separately, in greater detail. The spiral is the Tesla's scientific message for ages, the symbol of his greatest discovery of how Life is appearing and disappearing, but in fact always stays related to infinity; it is depicting the law of existential circulation both of physical and bio-objects, the main law of the emanating world from what is cosmically given as the omnipotent beginning: The Point .

Temporary synchronicity which is occasionally achieved by multitude of different frequencies is structuring self-organized systems (n f' , n f'' , n f''' …=f). So, the internal time or specific frequency complex of a living system can be temporary synchronized with outside frequencies and it is what defines the life span, the duration of life. What we, humans, call death is nothing else but sudden non-synchronicity . From the point of dying individual, death is resynchronization with one's pre-birth status.

The levels of human existence:

•  Consciousness (level of Time continuity and other natural laws; it is universal and out of sensory perception);

•  Soul (it consists of light; it is certain combination of electromagnetic spectrum entities, governed by internal time which is specific number code);

•  Body (molecular and atomic structures synchronized and resonant with soul).

Although on the level of Infinity the whole Universe is alive, or endowed with Consciousness (continuity of Eternity), some discrete forms are mutually synchronized in a way that they are connected to space and matter and those are considered as living beings . So the infinity has Consciousness or continuity, but its parts have awareness or synchronicity. The internal times of parts that constitute complex living system are time proportional, or synchronized. Their synchronizer is local or outer time.

Consciousness is soul link to infinity and body is material link to soul, as: Law-Energy-Structures or Time-Space-Matter.


Ethics is natural time- mathematics that runs events

Because of its complex structure living creatures are accumulating time; there is vertical time-connection among levels of existence. Physically it is the integration over different frequencies: consciousness, electromagnetic soul, atoms, molecules and organs in a way behave like parallel worlds .

Hypothesis of temporal correspondence to inbuilt living ethics:

•  Eternity is universal ‘Consciousness' (in Physical terms it is the continuity of present time);
•  Synchronicity is the ‘Awareness' or in Physical terms it is the necessary precondition of any interaction (energy exchange);
•  Internal time (‘specific present' of a structure that holds its parts together);
•  Local time (regulates the change of structures in a way of natural time-measurement – ‘life span');
•  Conventional time (artificial measurement, could be any chosen interval – ‘the knowledge of time');

Examples of the Ethical data functioning

•  ‘Karma' as the effect of ‘continuity law' (in mathematical sense it is ‘equation') - ;
•  ‘Dharma' as the effect of ‘Synchronicity law' (in mathematical sense it is ‘proportion');
•  ‘Death' as the effect of ‘losing synchronicity' disconnects soul that is ‘complex electromagnetic wave structure' from body which is built of heavy matter as are ‘atoms and molecules';

Karma is the equalization process, (=), that regulates composition and decomposition of structures which consist of unequal elements (internal time keeps them temporary together).

  Dharma is horizontal synchronization of individual and objective surroundings, proportion of internal and local times and can be neutralized by compensatory reactions. In principle, the outside action should be followed by individual reaction of the same kind and intensity to obtain zero impact. In order to avoid natural changes we have to produce appropriate artificial counter change.

  The death is return - the rebirth of a soul which is becoming again free from its temporary resonance with solid matter.

  I see the new global East-West religion emerging from prophecies of H. P. Blavatsky - (“Theosophy is the synthesis of Science and religion”), Causal Mechanics of N. A. Kozyrev – (“Possibility of Experimental Studies of the Properties of Time”) and N. Tesla's secret experiments with all pervasive Ether (“Ether is a primary matter…things dissolve in it and structure from it again…and all that happens according to the simple mathematical law.”).

  By Time nature research which is inevitably spiritualizing Physics our East-West civilization is entering the stage of a higher practical wisdom.



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