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Velimir Abramovic - Nikola Tesla
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sa Velimirom Abramovicem - o Nikoli Tesli,
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Tesliana 1993.godine u Beogradu.

Рерих Н.К. "О Шамбале" Нью-Йорк, 1929
Length: 6min 13sec
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Nicholas Roerich "New York is Shambalah", 1929

Boris Petrovic
October 2010
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A book by Dusan Ninic

Goran Marjanovic Laboratory
June 2009, Serbia
Part 1 - 05:51

Goran Marjanovic Laboratory
June 2009, Serbia
Part 2 - 10:13

Goran Marjanovic Laboratory
June 2009, Serbia
Part 3 - 1:13
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Velimir Abramovic - TESLIANA
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Lecture @ The Nikola Tesla Museum
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Lecture @ The Nikola Tesla Museum
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Lecture @ The Nikola Tesla Museum
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Lecture @ The Nikola Tesla Museum
(Part 4/5) Length: 09:21

Lecture @ The Nikola Tesla Museum
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Boris Petrovic - HRONOYA
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Boris Petrovic - HRONOYA
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Boris Petrovic
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Boris Petrovic
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Boris Petrovic
Magnetno polje Zemlje,
Dusa planete
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Free Energy for all Humans


The word "Noosphere" was coined in analogy with the "geosphere", the world or layer of dead matter, and the "biosphere", the world or layer of living matter. Beyond and superimposed on these spheres lies another dimensional sphere, the "noosphere", from Greek "noos, nous" = "mind", and "sphaira" = "globe", a figurative envelope of conceptual thought, or reflective impulses produced by the human intellect. It is not scientifically measurable, of course, but its presence is strongly felt and its influence is all-pervading.

The concept was first formulated by Vladimir Verdansky and elaborated by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

"Pushed one against the other by the growth of their number and by the proliferation of their connections,approached one to the other by the reawakening of a common force and by the feeling of a common anxiety,the future human kind will form nothing but an unified consciousness".
(Teillhard De Chardin)

The unification of humanity on a world scale coincides with the emergence of a Noosphere, the world of thought, the global consciousness. Willingly or unwillingly, all our desires and needs converge to the same final goal, the Omega point.



The Tesla Star Gate for a Galactic Human


Research focus: Fields of interest:
• Effects of electromagnetic fields irradiated by high frequency/high voltage emitters
• Multiple resonant LC circuits and the effects of longitudinal waves interference
• Inertial electrostatic plasma confinement, electromagnetic vortices and electromagnetic wells
• dielectric barrier discharge, production of ozone and treatment of water
• Tesla’s “World system”, Earth’s resonant frequencies
• Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere and magnetic reconnection
• Solar winds and plasma vortices in Earth’s magnetic field
• Electrical universe theory
• Superluminal waves
• Galactic consciousness
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"Theory and science of the Rainbow Bridge"
(by Boris Petrovic)

"Crystals, Mystical Experiences and Planetary Consciousness"
(by Boris Petrovic)

"On Science and Spirituality"
(by Boris Petrovic)

Are there Tesla's non-Hertzian waves?
(by Goran Marjanovic)

Oct. 16, 1927.; "The "Magnifying Transmitter" and Earth Resonance; Nikola Tesla:

"...The mode of propagation of the currents from my transmitter through the terrestrial globe is most extraordinary considering the spread of the electrification of the surface. The wave starts with a theoretically infinite speed, slowing down first very quickly and afterward at a lesser rate until the distance is about six thousand miles, when it proceeds with the speed of light. From there on it again increases in speed, slowly at first, and then more rapidly, reaching the antipode with approximately infinite velocity. The law of motion can be expressed by stating that the waves on the terrestrial surface sweep in equal intervals of time over equal areas, but it must be understood that the current penetrates deep into the earth and the effects produced on the receivers are the same as if the whole flow was confined to the earth's axis joining the transmitter with the antipode. The mean surface speed is thus about 471 200 kilometers per second - fifty-seven per cent. greater than that of the so-called Hertz waves - which should propagate with the velocity of light if they exist. The same constant was found by the noted American astronomer, Capt. J. T. T. See, in his mathematical investigations, for the smallest particles of the ether which he fittingly designated as "etherons". But while in the light of his theory this speed is a physical reality, the spread of the currents at the terrestrial surface is much like the passage of the moon's shadow over the globe.

It will be difficult for most people engaged in practical pursuits to measure or even to form an adequate conception of the intensity of inspiration and force I derive from that part of my work which has passed into history. I have every reason to consider myself one of the most fortunate men, for I experience incessantly a feeling of inexpressible satisfaction that my alternating system is universally employed in the transmission and distribution of heat, light and power and that also my wireless system, in all its essential features, is used throughout the world for conveying intelligence. But my pioneer efforts in this later field are still grossly misunderstood..."


Proposed modification of Einstein equation

Map of the observable universe (NASA/WMAP)

In 1983, Mordehai Milgrom, a physicist at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, published three papers in Astrophysical Journal to propose a modification of Newton's law of gravity.

Usually the equation F=ma (force = mass X acceleration) solves your basic acceleration problems. But it doesn't explain the observed rotation of galaxies. MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics) suggests that at low values of acceleration, the acceleration of a particle is not linearly proportional to the force. MOND adds a new constant of nature (a0) to physics, besides the speed of light and Planck's constant. Above the constant, accelerations are exactly as predicted by Newton's second law (F=ma). Below it, gravity decays with distance from a mass, rather than distance squared. This constant is so small that it goes unnoticed with the large accelerations that we experience in everyday life.

A pedagogical introduction to MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics) can be found in Bekenstein, who characterizes MOND as follows: "Relativistic MOND as here described has developed from the ground up, rather than coming down from the sky: phenomenology, rather than pure theoretical ideas."

A modification of the law of gravity, requires that the acceleration due to gravitational force does not depend simply upon the mass m, but upon the form mμ(a/a0), where μ is some function approaching the value one for large arguments and a/a0 for small arguments, and a is the acceleration caused by gravity and a0 is a natural constant, a0 ≈ 10−10 m/s2.The centripetal accelerations of stars and gas clouds at the outskirts of spiral galaxies tend to be below a0.

If Newton's gravity holds true, the dark matter needed in the dwarf galaxies has constant density in the center which is contrary to theoretical predictions, which suggest density should rise to the center.

Nikola Tesla - The Problem of Increasing Human Energy


The Science of Time

                 Velimir Abramovic raised the question of time, its perception during the course of history, and of modern trends towards establishing a precise and unique definition of time. He defines three categories of time: general time, independent from our senses, equal to the being, non-dimensional and non-spatial; internal time, which structures systems of physics and regulates their functions; local time, which is, so-called, time-operator, i.e. those are time conditions out of systems of physics but which interact with them. Among other scientists who have tackled the issues of time and the relationship between physics and metaphysics, he names Tesla, Kozirev, Newton, Ruder Boskovic, rejecting the postulates of quantum mechanics and pointing at the importance of euclid's geometry. Striding along the wide field of exact sciences, philosophy of sciences, cosmology, chronology, mathematics, theory of physics, theory of systems, Abramovic stressed the need for establishing closer connection between science and religion, i.e. the cohesive factor which would bind them - philosophy.


                 Velimir Abramovic is born in Belgrade in 1952. His PhD thesis: 'Problem of Continuity in Naturalistic Philosophy of Leibnitz and Boskovic'. Founder and editor-in-chief of the "Tesliana" magazine. Founder of The Institute of time, within the scope of The Foundation for Science of Time, Rotterdam, Holland. Since 2003, member of the editorial board of Scientific-Philosophycal Magazine DELPHIS, Moscow.

Author: Velimir Abramovic

Abstract: This paper explores contradictions in Einstein’s definition of simultaneity, and their contribution to the famous Twin Paradox. In the Galilean case, t = t’, the Cosmonaut and Earth twins obviously age the same, but in the other cases we obtain ontological contradictions. The problem lies in Einstein’s synthesis of non-motion and motion of one and the same light ray. Gauss’s Modular or Time Arithmetic helps to identify and sort out the fundamental problems. Despite Einstein, only one time has ever existed: the present. The inequality of entities within the electromagnetic continuum creates the non-synchronicity we call motion.


Author: Velimir Abramovic

"What is TIME?

TIME is a being, the world itself, all pervasive ultimate level of existence.

The ontology of TIME is a new branch of metaphysics, which conceives of TIME as a being that is as a fundamental, real, and unique infinity. And it can be unique as it is non-spatial and inextensive.
The concept of the unique infinity is the solution to the aporias of the dual nature of infinity, or the synthesis of the concepts of infinitely large and infinitely small/infinitesimal.

Unique infinity is TIME; it is non-spatial and also independent of its parts: space and matter.
Unique infinite reality or unique physical reality or simply physical reality is at the same time both the basis and the whole of the universe. Natural laws are only attributes of this unique infinity, which generates through internal division (through Plato's monads or diereses) all finite phenomena creating what we call space and matter."


Velimir Abramovic:

(Iz “Osnovi Nauke o Vremenu”)
download (pdf, Serbian)

Велимир Абрамович:
(Из «Основы Науки о Времени »)
from Magazine DELPHIS, Moscow
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Velimir Abramovic, Ph D in Philosophy:
(From “The Basics of the Science of Time”)
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Author: Velimir Abramovic

"Ontology of Time is a new stage of Human Knowledge where Time is finally understood. Time is exactly what was in long history of Metaphysics mistakenly named Non-Being, or in eastern Religions and Philosophies – Nothingness, Emptiness. However, from non-spatiality and non-corporeality (the key properties of Non-Being) isn't necessarily following the ‘non-existence'. The Emptiness and Nothingness are relative notions dependent on fullness and “somethingness” and are not adequate for what they should signify. "


Author: Velimir Abramovic

"The law of continuity ... consists of ... that each quantity, in experiencing a transition from one magnitude into another, must pass through all the intermediary quantities of the same sort. This is usually expressed by stating that the transition occurs through intermediate stages. Maupertuis considered these stages to be a number of minute additions occurring in a moment of time. He thought that the law must be violated at the same time for it is violated equally by the smallest leap or the greatest leap, since the concepts of small and great are quite relative. He was right if the term 'stage' denotes an instantaneous increment in any quantity. Really, it should be so conceived that particular states correspond to particular instants, whereas increases or decreases correspond exclusively to very small continuous intervals of time"


Author: Velimir Abramovic

"The notion of Time should be kicked out from Physics."


Author: Velimir Abramovic

"I will not work for the present no more, I am working for the future"- said Tesla to journalists gathered in New York City

more than seven decades ago. – "The future is mine!" Inventor of alternating current, polyphase engines and generator, reversible magnetic field, radio, teleautomatics, inventor, on whose patents energetics of XX century is properly based, worked alone on explanation of cosmic processes during decades, having a desire to combine material and spiritual theoretically like he did it in his practical discoveries.


Аутор: Велимир Абрамовић

«Еще до открытия радиоактивности, после многих лет глубоких раздумий, я пришел к выводу, что твердая материя не содержит какой-либо иной энергии кроме той, которая исходит или проникает из окружающей среды.

Еще в начале девятнадцатого века стало вполне очевидным, что всякое конкретное движение на Земле произведено Солнцем и что энергия всех планетарных тел, включая и землю, исходит оттуда. Объясняя такого рода позицию в широком философском ключе, я рассмотрел возникновение первородной материи из Эфира, этой первичной субстанции, которая пронизывает вселенную. Существуют доказательства того, что этот процесс необратимо течет, причем так, что материя одновременно и растворяется в Эфире... »

Рускии - Srpski


Prof. Dr. Velimir Abramovic

"The Problem of Increasing Human Energy - The NOOSPHERE ETHICAL ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION as the key to multidimensional existence "
Author: Boris Petrovic

...The Earth's magnetic field acts as a cocoon for the spirit-matter transfer of the Anima Mundi. The Eart’s north and south magnetic poles are dual manifestations of the brain of Anima Mundi. The Earth as a collective being is open to the Solar wind with it's magnetic eye. The Solar wind is the blood of the Solar system collective being, and is the fuel to the functioning of Anima Mundi.

The Earth’s magnetosphere magnetic reconnection and it's perpetual inversion acts as a receiver of this soul-matter transfer. All embodied souls have passed through the gates of the heart of the Anima Mundi – Earth’s magnetic reconnection. Harmonic oscillation of the magnetic reconnection is the essence of Earth’s movement (macrocosmos) and spin (microcosmos)...


NOYA - "Symbolism of end times in ancient and holy scripture,
high-energy physics phenomena and scalar electromagnetics
Author: Boris Petrovic

". . . I looked, and lo,
in heaven an open door!
[And a voice] like a trumpet, said,
Come up hither . . . ."
Revelations 4:1


GRAAL - "On the path to planetary ASCENSION"
Author: Boris Petrovic

                 The "Graal" documentary reflects a journey through ancient culture, religion and science interacting as materializing symbols. It stands as a decryption of the horizon between physical and spritual existence towards final unity of physics and metaphysics. the seed of cosmic voyage and consciousness expansion of mankind. Depicted with inventions of NIKOLA TESLA, revealing the deepest secrets of the legacy of this extra-terrestrial spirit. It's essence is in physical evidence of the harmony of existence, creation of the almighty.
                  Holy Grail as a placenta of all-expanding time-spiral and the birth in spirit of new mankind on planet Earth, an event written about in all world religions and scriptures from the beginning of words, as blood of the collective being, as the food of human spirit. It is a road, commencing with initiation of consciousness through the phenomenon of the Black Hole, the neverending road to pre-beginning, the end of past and present. It's task is collapse of 3-dimensional existence, opening the door to Heavenly Jerusalem, through the knowledge and utilization of blood-flow of the Solar system within magnetic fields of the planets.
               The phenomenon of Ascension, explained as contraction of space and time of microcosmos, made by the human hand with the guidance of higher agents, made through will of mankind towards opening the holographic memory of creation, using gravitational disturbances in Earth's orbit, and for the glory of the timeless kingdom.


Boris Petrovic


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Pyramids - guardians of primary cosmic vibration of the local densities
Author: Goran Marjanovic

The intention of this paper is to point to an interesting relationship and possible global link between pyramidal structures and Tesla’s Non-Hertzian waves.
All research done in the field of theoretical physics in the past century, proved that energy is quantifiable. This fact offers a possibility of energy density quantifying, and, basically some kind of space quantifying, which is expressed by the existence of "stable" objects. Our research has shown that the stable object mass and it’s radius cannot have random values. Bearing in mind the dualistic nature of matter, in the same sense, frequency of wave objects could not have a random values also. Furthermore, there is an analogy between (a number of) different radiation ranges and (a number of) basic stable corpuscles. Moreover, in considering our hypothesis, the speed of light is quite reachable for objects with a real remaining mass (m0) even to a Photon (e.g. as a quant carrier of classical "Hertzian" EM waves), being a stable object of order 8, with m0 = 1.6*10- 38 kg, and an associated Compton wavelength: lc=1.35*10-4 [m].
Our theoretical research demonstrated that Tesla waves (until now, better known as Tesla's Non-Hertzian waves) are presumably another name for the Mr. G.Nimtz’s "Evanescent mode" /2,3/, and/or Mr. Tom Bearden's "Scalar waves" /15,16,/. Moreover, in our opinion, Tesla (Non-Hertzian) waves can be a basic "free" energy "transfer - carriers" in a sense of "outside - inside" energy transformations.
According to my Energy Density Quantifying Model /7/, just like a photon  which is a quanta carrier of so-called “Hertzian waves” described by Maxwell equations, Teslion is a quanta carrier of Tesla’s Non-Hertzian waves. It is corpuscular form of "matter state", expressed in our Unity as a stable object of order 9, with a quite real rest mass: m0 = 1.1*10- 49 kg. Wave form of the same object, we named Tesla waves, have Compton wavelength of lc=2*107 [m], i.e. frequency of 14.8 Hz.
The fact that the detected electromagnetic phenomena in Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun have a frequency of 28 kHz (professional measuring Mizdrak & all /17/) points us to quite possible correlation between the observed phenomena and the Tesla’s Non-Hertzian waves.
Moreover, I consider that the facilities at the sites in the Archaeological Park Visoko, “Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids”, were not arised as a result of stochastic, natural processes, but these are artificial objects created with careful planning of their shape and location, built with unknown technology whose purpose we may, however, foresee: preservation of primary cosmic vibrations (energy spectrum) of all local densities, primarily of biological structures.


EOU - Eternally Oscillating Universe
Author: Goran Marjanovic

... our Universe is oscillating, but so that "simultaneously", while its "inner"(for us) part is spatially expanding, at the same time its "outer" (to us) part is spatially contracting. Matter contained in the same multidimensional "sphere" neither disappears from one (inner) world, nor appears from nowhere in the other "outside" world. It just changes the place of existence according to its form and manner of motion, where black and white holes play an important role, working with their “gravitational-form” mechanisms. Owing to the manner of its motion matter is seen differently, depending on its relative motion in relation to the observer. ...


Author: T.E. Bearden

... Nikola Tesla had discovered and was utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated his waves were non-Hertzian, and his wireless transmissions did not fall off as the square of the distance.


Author: Goran Marjanovic

...Another way to test our assumptions on the multi-dimensional structure of the Model is to apply it to an attempt at explaining the so-called "non-Hertzian" waves of Nikola Tesla. For, it is known that Tesla fought hard to point out and prove that his invention (wireless energy transmission) was quite different from the conventional transmission, which uses "Hertzian waves", a fact which is very often skirted in official explanations.
In David Peat's book "In Search of Nikola Tesla" (transl. published "U traganju za Nikolom Teslom/Popularna nauka/klub NT", 1996), there is an article by Nikola Tesla, where Tesla describes his first experiments of wireless transport, conducted in Colorado Springs.


Goran Marjanovic

On the Justifiability of Establishing a Science of Time
Author: Dragoljub Cucic

Physicists think that they are the ones who will have the last say about time and answer the questions: what is time, how is it manifested, how is it measured, as well as a series of other questions that appear when we think about time. Biologists, psychologists and philosophers do not believe that physicists have a monopoly on the topics dealing with time. Dissentions of the kind have led us to consider time as a phenomenon that needs to be studied in a multidisciplinary scientific way. Time is a subject of scientists, artists, philosophers, theologians, spiritists, as well as all the others who build the form and define the content of human spirit. Science is the leading category of human mind and leads civilization to factual truths. This is an attempt to give the reasons for establishing the science of time.


Свети Аугустин и утемељење једне парадигме
Author: Dragoljub Cucic

Свети Аугустин је један од воде ћих теолога и филозофа раног средњег века. Утицај његових схватања није се протезао само до 13. века како се уобичајено може пронаћи у текстовима о њему , када се зачиње клица науке. У овом раду се актуелизују његова незаобилазност приликом разматра ња време на . Свети Аугустин се пита и даје одговоре. Снажан утисак оставља чињеница да су ти одговори, суштински теолошки, опстали као парадигма каснијим научним космолошким теоријама. Значај светог Аугистина је да је управо он утелотворио прво онтолошко-теолошко начело у научне теорије настанка Универзума, јер Исповести су били читанка генерацијама које су утемељивале релевантност данашње научне мисли о Постању.



Dragoljub Cucic


"Time and its physical relationships"
Author: Andrew Michrowski

"The phenomenon of time emerges in relationships – as an expression of properties of physical bodies and changes that occur to them.

Time is a factor of energy. Time has to do with the increase and decrease of energy. For example, as energy is brought down to a “zero level”, time is “eliminated”, so in a sense, time cannot be “compressed” - only eliminated. In the zero-energy level, electrons occupying this level in unlimited numbers are available through state transitions for the building of matter and the vacuum . So it is the extent and the nature of energy flow that determines the characteristics of time."


"Четырехмерный резонанс (4-Dimensional Resonance)"
Author: Фролов А.В. (Alexander Frolov)

"This epigraph discloses the technology for total time rate control, and I hope that this paper will allow you to use the mathematical tool I found and joined with a well-known conclusion about quantum of action. This new interpretation for the notion of Time lets us develop a new branch of physics: the physics of space-time engineering. Several examples demonstrated in this paper some natural law that is discovered by the author in 1990. It was found that natural mass-objects are described by whole number values of the curvature. This property allows us to consider the space-time as a secondary induced resonance effect of the mass process. The concept can be used as an applied tool for energy-mass and mass-energy transformations, gravitational propulsion systems and experimental research work on the chronal technologies."

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Аутор: Ю. В. Мазурин

Над горными хребтами Хорватии, окраины Австро-Венгерской империи, догорал закат. Вечерние тени сгущались на дне долины. Сын сельского священника пастушок Никола Тесла ускорил шаги, гоня стадо овец в селение, спасаясь от быстро наступавшей в горах темноты. Он ещё не подозревал, что именно ему предстоит развеять темноту над всем миром, зажечь мириады огней городов и селений, напитать электроэнергией мощные мускулы современной цивилизации, преодолевающей пространство с помощью радио- и телекоммуникации.

Судьба Николы Теслы (1856 – 1943) являет удивительный пример того, что «дух веет, где хочет», выражаясь словами Библии. Ни место, ни происхождение, ни условия жизни не давали оснований полагать, что гений и настоящий, без кавычек, благодетель человечества родится именно здесь.

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In the Christian symbolism the Time is Logos or Holy Spirit, the Space is Father and the Matter is Son.

In today's World, the ontology of scientific and technological age quickly substitutes the metaphysics of Humanism and Religion. The information, which means time-pattern, and Communication, which means resonance of the systems, are the key signs of the change in the evolution of central ideas.

Civilization based on the Space and sacrifice is going to end. The global civilization of Nikola Tesla comes, founded on the true comprehension of Time and conscious control of changing.

The density of communication channels and speed of information flow, inevitably leads to the synthesis of Christianity and Buddhism. A united religion will be born, like Tesla had predicted.

"Wardenclyffe — A Forfeited Dream"
Author: Leland Anderson

"When the grandiose plan of wireless power transmission was finally out of reach for Tesla he wrote: "It is not a dream, it is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering , only expensive—blind, faint-hearted, doubting world! Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer's keen searching sense. But who knows? Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted, be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence—by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled; that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the strife of commercial existence. So do we get our light. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed—only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle." 



Author: Nikola Tesla

"A little over one century ago many astronomers, including Laplace still thought that the system of heavenly bodies was unalterable and that they would perform their motions in the same manner through an eternity.  But the gradual perfection of instruments and refinement of methods of investigation, achieved since that time, has led to the recognition that there is a continuous change going on in the celestial regions subjecting all bodies to ever varying influence.  Where this change is leading to, and what is to be its final phase, have become questions of supreme scientific interest. "


Author: Veilimir Abramovic

"Electromagnetic spheres which represent the inner configuration of the one natural continuum are the elements of what we call "space" in today's physics. The laws of deformation of the basic space configuration are what we call "time". Time is not substantial in terms of our perception of matter and we have defined it as a pure number, or relation between two or more homogeneous EM-fields. If your change those fields you are changing the local time as well."


Author: Velimir Abramovic

'The transformation process of informational society into a scientific one is not guided by philosophy, or more precisely, is not guided by any kind of the explicated ontology which can be a good enough foundation of the social and individual life sense, the sense of the scientific progress, ethics, aesthetics and values in general. But, starting from Einstein's controversial belief that "physics is an ontological science", or the science which deals with being, we would very quickly realize what we really need to comprehend, the essence of our technology based civilization and to establish its conscious development control. That what we need is the universal thought or unified comprehension of humanities and exact sciences at the ontological level, i.e. their synthesis in a "New Ontology".



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